annual youth festival
garden of generations
Everyone, regardless of nationality, religion, political or other views, can become part of the "Garden of Generations".
"Garden of Generations" unites people and proves that nature champions are not born, they become.
about the festival
Sergey Rafanov
Director of Environmental protection fund - Ecophone
"A tradition of gathering fruit seeds and planting them is an example of respect for the environment toward nature.

This is how millions of fruit trees planted with children's participation appeared in the country.
Our goal is to make respect for the environment and natural resources of the planet a tradition for every family in Russia.

Within the framework of the Festival, together with our partners, we conduct various educational events and contests. Among them are contests of children's drawings and environmental quests."
goal of the festival
We aim at forming habits and traditions of respect for nature in every Russian family. Our ultimate goal is to draw attention to the need for responsible attitude to the resources of the planet and to ensure that the participation of citizens in the festival becomes a tradition.
The participants will receive
Recognition and the opportunity to spread the word about themselves and their environmentally friendly initiatives throughout Russia
Winners receive media coverage and raise their social status
Access to the system of continuous education in the framework of the Fund's projects, aimed at building environmental skills
Networking: meeting like-minded people, experts, mentors, and partners
Traveling and meeting celebrities, a chance to visit key environmental festivals and forums of the country
Educational opportunities of the project's partners - Russian State Agrarian University (Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy) and Plekhanov Russian University of Economics

stages of the festival

From February to May, kids from all regions of the country plant tangerine seeds, grow seedlings and participate in the contest.
Planting tangerine trees grown by the participants on the site of Ecocamp in Sochi will be the key event of the festival.

Preparatory stage

Announcement of the festival in the regions and presentation of an educational video on tree planting
March - May
Children are planting tangerine seeds, grow seedlings and participate in the contest
The Ecocamp site is prepared; Ecocamp is a tent camp with accommodation infrastructure
On the Ecologist's Day, we gather kids on the Ecocamp site in Sochi

The main even in Sochi

Day One
  • Check-in and preparation of the camp
  • Work in squads
  • Grand opening
  • Start of the regional exhibition
Day Two
  • Morning exercises with a champion
  • Planting trees in the Garden of Generations
  • Voting for the regions
  • Workshops with experts
Day Three
  • Art object made of litter
  • Excursion program
  • Festival closing

Regional ecochallenge

Environmental success of the region in 2022-2023 and planned ESG-projects
The Festival participants vote for the most successful region
The prize for the winning region is the creation of a modern school biolaboratory
Results of the regional ecochallenge
According to the results of the vote, the school of the winning region receives an equipped biochemical classroom and a priority opportunity to host the "Garden of Generations" project on the schools territory.

Festival partnership program

Cooperation involves several levels of cooperation

Partnership may be formalized by an investment agreement: Partners act as investors in the Festival and may include the value of the contribution in income tax expense and as part of ESG reporting.
  1. Placing the partner's logo on the Fund's website in the "Partners" section of the project
  2. Placing the partner's logo and information about the partner in publications and press releases, photo and video materials of the Fund
  3. Placing an advertising partner's banner in the event areas
  4. Placing a thematic booths, for instance, with master-classes / environmental lessons for the project participants
  5. Creative design of banners and advertising stand