Up to now, there is no law which regulates issues of permafrost protection in the world. It is not recognized as an independent object of legal protection. This situation must be changed.

premafrost protection

The Environmental protection fund - Ecophone has launched a legislative initiative to create federal regulations for permafrost in order to protect it.

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Creating a national standard for the protection

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Permafrost thawing is one of the major climatic hazards for the entire planet.

In recent years this process has literally been taking place before our eyes. It has a number of extremely negative consequences. In addition to the destruction of infrastructure, degradation of ecosystems and animal habitats, melting permafrost emits methane, a greenhouse gas that worsens climate change.

The issue will not vanish by itself. Countries of the world can solve the problem only by joining their efforts. There is a chance that Russia can take a leading position in permafrost conservation and study in the interests of all mankind.
A film by Environmental protection fund - Ecophone describing the role of permafrost thawing in the course of global climate change