Research and expeditions
Environmental protection fund - Ecophone assists specialists and scientists from Russian research institutes in conducting field studies and expeditions.
Each expedition is unique and dedicated to the study of a particular environmental problem.
General goals and tasks of the expeditions:
highlighting the existing issues
analysis of the ecological state of nature complexes
monitoring of the environment in places of constant human activity
study of factors impacting natural ecosystem processes
collecting field data to form ecological research programs
One of the most important practical tasks of climate scientists is to study ecosystem processes in peat bogs!
Many issues related to GHG emission are still unclear in those ecosystems because at certain conditions bog can both accumulate and emit GHG (water vapor, carbon monoxide, methane, nitrous oxide, etc.) into the atmosphere.
In May 2022, Environmental protection fund - Ecophone together with scientists from Moscow Timiryazev Agricultural Academy organized a research field trip to Tver oblast. The goal of the expedition was to study accumulation and emission of GHG. The research will be continued to build the theoretical knowledge base and formulate recommendations to reduce GHG emission and stabilize the Earth's climate balance.
Environmental protection fund - Ecophone plans a series of expeditions across Russia and neighboring countries to the some of the most beautiful places and yet vulnerable to climate change in order to study and assess possible negative impact.
The Lena Pillars Nature Park
The Aral Sea
Karmadon Gorge